This blog is P.R. friendly, so welcome to my blog Hello Dawls!

Word of mouth is very valuable for both the consumer and companies, especially through the internet. I would love to help spread word about your services, product or company. My blog is newer, however I will provide honest reviews and opinions in a timely manner.

Please contact me for P.R. inquiries at

I'd love the chance to review your products/services or host a giveaway. My fiancee and I are both in our 20's and our interests are broad, including but not limited to : beauty, personal products, household, weight-loss, reading, technology, gaming, fashion, foodies, travel, etc. Even though we are child-less, I'm interested in reviewing/hosting a giveaway for your company. I'm family oriented as I'm the oldest sibling out of twelve, so providing my honest review would not be a problem!

~ Kelsey

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