Sick.. Of Being Sick!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sad faces x infinity :( I really hate getting sick, thankfully it doesn't happen too much. I usually get sick right around this time, with the weather being so temperamental. In the last week it's been warm, cold and SNOWING, back to warm. I'm thankful I'm already feeling a bit better, I always make sure to rest lots, drink plenty fluid and of course I have to have my soup! I'm craving my mom and dad's chicken and noodles right about now, it always seemed to make me feel better asap. I hope that everyone is keeping warm, and staying healthy! In the mean time, I'm trying to figure out a blog design.. can you say indecisive much?!?

~ Kelsey
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011
I'm so excited for new subscribers! Hi to everyone, and I checked out your blog as well :) I thought I would introduce myself and tell a little about myself. Feel free to leave your name and a random fact about yourself! 

Name:  Kelsey Lynn
Age:  I'll be 24 later this month!
Music:  I love all types, but love rock and metal the most.
Currently listening to:  Stone Sour, next is The Civil Wars
Favorite shows:  Awkward, House, Jersey Shore, Grimm, Once Upon A Time, Secret Circle
School?:  We've moved so often that it was hard to settle with one college, but now we're in a city we'll be for a few years. So I'm looking into Nursing, or Administrative/IT.

Our little Christmas tree that's in the sitting window.

Random -
  -   I'm the oldest child out of 12, six boys, six girls. We're all close, and I miss them!
  -   I'm watching Gilligan's Island right now.. and I could watch this forever.
  -   I wish it would only snow once a year, on Christmas Eve.. I get cold easily.
  -   You'll never catch me without at least mascara on.
  -   I've always loved books, so if you have any suggestions let me know!
  -   Candles... oh candles I love you! Even more so.. tarts!
  -   I love everything about Hawaii, and I know we'll live there someday. Oooh the beach *sigh*
  -   I'm not very crafty, however I'm trying.. Pinterest has got me hooked on crafts to try.
  -   I love playing on Xbox 360, favorite games are Black Ops, and Battlefield.

~  Kelsey
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Good Morning!

Monday, November 7, 2011
First off, good morning to everyone out there. I'm usually a night owl! Second off, thanks for the new followers, I appreciate it, sending good vibes your way :) Third, brrrrrrr... it's time to make a cup of delicious hot chocolate and catch up on some reading.

~ Kelsey
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Introducing... My Fiance

Sunday, November 6, 2011
The man who goes by many names.. I formally introduce.. Eric, also known as my fiancee. I <3 him!
 He's the kindest, most caring man I could ever ask for. He's been there for me and for my family when it's been the hardest. He has his little quirks.. some not so little. He's 6'4 and I'm 5'4, he's a big help when I can't reach things lol! In the middle of the night he'll wake up and give me a kiss on the cheek and says I love you.. but when he wakes up, he doesn't remember he did it. He loves incredibly spicy food, and somehow I always get suckered into trying it but I'm a wuss when it comes to heat. TECHNOLOGY!! He's a web/software programmer, so he's always teaching me new things, or showing me new apps :)
We've been together since September 7th, 2004. It really doesn't feel like that long ago that he stole all my smiles and most importantly my heart. Last year he proposed to me on Valentine's Day.. and obviously I said YES!

~ Kelsey
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Fall Time Welcomes Change

Since I've moved here to Missouri, I've went a good six months without a haircut, trim, color change.. wow! I had just gotten used to the stylist I had in Illinois, so I was lost. I looked for a while, and I called to set up an appointment but got blown off, so off to search again. I got lucky! A local stylist added me on Facebook and I took at a look at her hair, and knew I had to set up an appointment. I took forever looking through photos online, and honestly I came to the conclusion I didn't want a complete hair makeover. I'm in the process of growing out a short a-line bob, I miss my long hair! But I did decide I wanted it similar to a Ashley Simpson photo, so I brought it along with me. My stylist Mindy asked what I wanted, showed her the photo, also requested a few feathers. I love the salon and especially the stylists, friendly and knew exactly what I wanted and made sure it was perfect before I left. Oh and I love my hair!! I haven't had bangs in a while, and they're exactly what I needed.

Salon Information - Rumours Salon located in Saint Joseph, MO
Rumours Facebook

~ Kelsey
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Beauty From The Earth Swatches

Saturday, October 24, 2009
I'm going to start this off with I *love* Beauty From The Earth! I entered a contest from BFTE, and to my surprise I won! Crystal told me to send her the colors I wanted and she would ship them out, and believe me they got here quick! All of these colors are gorgeous, I can't wait to make my first purchase from Crystal. I'd have to say my favorite 3 would be - Georgia Peach blush, Sweet Niblets eyeshadow, and Rome eyeshadow. Every single shadow is intensely pigmented, and most of the colors I chose have multicolored sparkles. Love it! Read below for swatches both dry and wet, and reviews :)

These are swatched wet.
Top row L to R: Lavish, Rome, Georgia Peach Blush
2nd row L to R: ?(will update when I find what I did with it lol), Envy, Whisper
3rd row L to R: Green Apple, and Sweet Niblets
4th row L to R: Rant, and the two swatches on the blue black base is Whisper again

These are all swatched dry over foundation.

Top row L to R: Lavish, Rome, Georgia Peach Blush
2nd row L to R: ?(will update when I find what I did with it lol), Envy, Whisper
3rd row L to R: Green Apple, and Sweet Niblets
4th row L to R: Rant

I absolutely love Beauty from the Earth! The colors are amazing, and I love there's more than just shimmers but mattes as well. You can use these as is, or use wet which intensifies or and sometimes change the color as well. I will be making an order very soon, so many colors to pick from! Make sure to check out the Facebook page, they run specials and feature a color of the week.

Beauty From The Earth

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