Fall Time Welcomes Change

Sunday, November 6, 2011
Since I've moved here to Missouri, I've went a good six months without a haircut, trim, color change.. wow! I had just gotten used to the stylist I had in Illinois, so I was lost. I looked for a while, and I called to set up an appointment but got blown off, so off to search again. I got lucky! A local stylist added me on Facebook and I took at a look at her hair, and knew I had to set up an appointment. I took forever looking through photos online, and honestly I came to the conclusion I didn't want a complete hair makeover. I'm in the process of growing out a short a-line bob, I miss my long hair! But I did decide I wanted it similar to a Ashley Simpson photo, so I brought it along with me. My stylist Mindy asked what I wanted, showed her the photo, also requested a few feathers. I love the salon and especially the stylists, friendly and knew exactly what I wanted and made sure it was perfect before I left. Oh and I love my hair!! I haven't had bangs in a while, and they're exactly what I needed.

Salon Information - Rumours Salon located in Saint Joseph, MO
Rumours Facebook

~ Kelsey


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Missouri.
It's hard finding someone you can trust to cut your hair. Glad you had good luck.

Kelsey said...

Thank you! That's exactly why I waited so long lol, but I'm glad I found the right one. And thank you for following :)

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